Agna Gonsalez


Agna G

Agna Gonsalez

Registered Psychologist (Mosman)

Agna is a passionate, engaging, and an experienced Registered psychologist, having practised psychology in her home country of Brazil. She has worked as a psychologist for three years in an Equine-Assisted Therapy Centre, helping a wide variety of patients overcoming challenges and improve aspects of their lives through individual therapy, as well as family and group therapy for carers.

Her passion for working with children and adolescents lies at the heart of her professional pursuits. Agna has developed skills in engaging creatively with children and adolescents, facilitating them to understand and manage their emotions. She works with a person-centred approach, and evidence-based interventions to support their growth and well-being. Her approach is deeply rooted in assessing individuals for their unique strengths and weaknesses, enabling her to tailor interventions that foster holistic development and positive outcomes.

Working in alignment with Neuro-affirming practice, embracing and celebrating each child, and recognizing all aspects of their identity.

Agna is a committed, creative person who promotes an inclusive and supportive environment and assistance for all children and adolescents.