Catherine Lowe



Catherine Lowe

Registered Psychologist (Hornsby)

Cath is a registered psychologist who has been working with children and adolescents and their families in private practice and in a school context for the past 15 years. Cath is passionate about helping young people navigate the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence. Cath still works as a school counsellor, and as such, she has a vast experience in all the struggles that adolescents face such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem and body image difficulties. Cath works with young people in both individual and group counselling.  Cath is also experienced in critical incident management in schools.

Cath has a particular interest in academic stress, having completed her Masters of Research by conducting a randomised controlled trial of the “Study without Stress” program with the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University. Cath is passionate about helping Year 12 students manage their stress and enjoy their final year of school.

Cath has four children of her own so understands the challenges of parenting in the modern age, both from a professional and personal perspective. She is a facilitator in many parenting courses such as the “Resourceful Adolescent Program” and “Engaging Adolescents”. Cath works with parents both individually and in a group context to help them improve their relationship their children/teenagers. Identifying as an ADHDer herself she also has a special interest in supporting children and teens with ADHD and their families.

Cath is a very experienced psychologist with a passion for supporting children and teens as well as their families to navigate their mental health and developmental concerns. She has a strong passion for working with clients presenting with ADHD.