Paediatrician Consultations

What does your Paediatricians do?

Our Paediatricians provide specialist care for babies, children and teens age 0-18. Our Paediatricians, Dr Sunita and Dr Vishal, have many years experience working with children and their families on a broad range of physical, developmental and mental health issues.

How do I arrange an appointment?

The first step is to arrange a referral through your GP, who will prepare the necessary correspondence to alert our Paediatrician as to the nature of your concerns. This referral is valid for 1 year from when it is prepared. Once you have obtained this referral, it is just a matter of calling through to the centre and making a booking at a mutually convenient time. Our intake number is 02 8411 1396 (Hornsby) or 02 8018 6377 (Gladesville).

Can I make an appointment BEFORE I obtain a referral?

Absolutely, however you will need to bring a referral with you on the day of your appointment, so please make sure you obtain one before then. We will also only be able to let you know your out of pocket costs based on your referral needs as set out by your GP.

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What happens if I don’t have a referral?

Please be aware that if you attend your initial appointment WITHOUT a valid referral, you will be out of pocket the full amount for the consultation.

You will also need to update your referral if you are following up with your paediatrician more than 1 year from your initial appointment. Again, without an updated and valid referral, you will not receive a rebate back for your follow up session.

How much does it cost?

Your out of pocket costs will vary depending on what you are being referred for and the MBS rebate that is associated with this. Please feel free to clarify out of pocket costs when you make your appointment.

When is your Paediatrician available?

Our Paediatricians are available Wednesday and Thursday at Hornsby and Wednesday at Gladesville.