Group Therapy Progams


We are proud to offer a range of empowering group programs for children and youth aged 3-16 years. All child/youth programs run in parallel to school terms and are typically offered after school weekdays and weekends. Some group programs will attract a Medicare rebate which will be discussed further with you during your initial contact/enquiry.

Growth Mindset and Resilience Groups – ALL AGES


Child Development Solutions Australia is proud to be launching a new set of groups in 2020 – our Growth Mindset and Resilience Groups For Kids!

We will be offering 2 groups, 1 for primary school kids and 1 for early High School (grades 7-9) on Saturdays, running for 10 weeks each term. The groups build on each other, with commitment either being on a term by term basis or sign up for the year.

Using creative therapy modalities, and principals drawn from positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive and behavioural therapies our Growth Mindset and Resilience Groups aim to foster the development of skills that can be used for a lifetime to promote good mental health.


Social Skills 3-6yrs


Our 10 week, evidence based, Social Skills program will equip your child with the skills necessary to engage effectively with their peers. Developed by Clinical Psychologists for children with withdrawn or “acting out” behaviours, each week of the program focuses on specific skills such as greeting others, taking turns, dealing with feelings, and solving problems. The program is delivered to a small group of 6 (max) children, by an experienced psychologist. The program is dynamic and interactive using social skills, puppets, songs, role-playing and videos. Parents will be provided a handout at the conclusion of each session, with information relating to the skills learnt and how to strengthen these at home.


Anxiety Management 6-14yrs


Utilising an innovative and ground breaking program, our aim is to teach children the necessary skills to help them learn to be in control of their anxiety and equip them with skills they can use for their lifetime. Facilitated by an experienced Psychologist, what sets our program apart from others is the use of engaging animations to deliver information and skills and prompt discussions in the small group of 6 (max) participants. Your child will learn that they are not alone in their suffering, and that there are others just like them struggling each day with the overwhelming effects of fear and worry. We will teach them what anxiety is, where it comes from and most importantly how to deal with it. They will also be provided a comprehensive workbook for home use and practice.


Resilience & Wellbeing 6-14 years


Developed for all children, our strengths program focuses on building social and emotional skills such as self-confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence and optimistic thinking. Our program is highly interactive and again utilises engaging animation and group discussion to develop skills, which will serve each participant for the rest of their lives. Our small groups are limited to 6 participants and are delivered by an experienced Psychologist. Comprehensive workbooks support skills practice at home and serve as a point of reference once the sessions are completed.