ADHD and Autism Coaching - Online and Face to Face

Spencer Health is proud to be a neurodivergent affirming organisation, with many of our psychologists identifying as neurodivergent or as being passionate about supporting those with lived experiences related to ADHD and Autistic brain differences.

Whilst psychology can be helpful to provide support for mental illness, our team also provides coaching services to help you understand your life experience and identity as a neurodivergent person, and provide you the support and skills training to navigate the potentially confusing neurotypical world around you. Here at Spencer Health we celebrate differences, but are aware that these differences can sometimes impact on your life goals and understanding of self. Our coaching services aim to promote good mental health and support you in feeling confident in achieving your capacity in life.


What is ADHD Coaching and Autism Coaching?

ADHD and Austism Coaching is a practical approach to supporting neurodivergent individuals, through a collaborative process to meet their life goals. Your coach will provide support and guidance to you to develop your coaching goals, and provide practical and usable strategies to make lasting changes in your life.

What might we do in a session?

What you focus on in session will very much be directed by what goals you have established with your therapist. Some of the types of things you might cover include:

  • Organisational skills and time management skills
  • Job seeking support and career guidance
  • Relationship support
  • Study skills and homework support
  • Understanding and developing your identity
  • Changing unhelpful thinking patterns related to the lived experience of neurodiversity in a neurotypical world
  • Self-acceptance and improved confidence
  • Communication and socialisation skills
  • Parenting support strategies
  • Relationship support for partners i.e. understanding your neurodivergent partner and building communication and connection with them

Who are your Coaches?

All of our coaches are Psychologists who either identify as being neurodivergent themselves or who are passionate about supporting those with ADHD and Autistic brain differences. This passion typically stems from having close family members who are neurodivergent, and thus they have a parallel lived experience to draw an understanding from.

How does coaching differ from therapy?

Therapy typically focusses on elements related to an individual’s mental health presentation – working on such things as mood and anxiety, using an array of cognitive, behavioural and mindful techniques that are evidence based and grounded in psychological theory. The aim is to treat mental health conditions and improve an individual’s quality of life.

Coaching is a very goal centred process, whereby an individual identifies specific life goals they wish to achieve, and the practical barriers that are preventing this. Working with our client centred coach, you will be provided with plans, strategies, techniques, tools and resources to assist you in achieving these goals.

It is common that neurodivergent individuals require mental health support and coaching support, and thus given our background in mental health we are superbly placed to meet both needs in session. Many ADHD and Autism coaches are limited in their scope of services, given they don’t have the thorough training and background in psychological practice. We can essentially target 2 sets of goals through our collaboration with you.

Who would benefit from Coaching?

We think all humans can benefit from having someone “in their corner” providing support in life. In terms of our ADHD coaching and Autism coaching services, these can be helpful for:

  • Adults who identify as Autistic or ADHD
  • Teens and children who are Autistic or ADHD
  • Parents and carers of Neurodivergent kids and teens
  • Partners of Autistic individuals or ADHDers

Why should I choose Spencer Health coaching services?

As mentioned above, all of our coaches are also psychologists, and thus have thorough training in neurodiversity and the mental health conditions that can exist alongside of this. Thus, our coaching services can not only provide coaching support but simultaneous provide mental health support and strategies as well.

Can I access a Medicare Rebate for coaching services?

The short answer is YES! If you are eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan, your psychologist can provide mental health support alongside coaching support, to ensure that you can utilise your referral.

How can I access these services?

To ensure easy access to our coaching services, we offer these both face to face and online via a Zoom platform. Please discuss with our intake officer your preferred modality for accessing services so that the most appropriate clinician can be allocated to meet your needs.

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