Employer of Choice

With the need for health services being in such high demand, there are so many opportunities for health and support staff who are passionate about health outcomes to obtain employment. With an understanding of what issues affect employee’s employment choices, Spencer Health strives to be an employer of choice.

How does Spencer Health achieve this?

  • We have a focus on ongoing professional development including group and individual supervision PLUS access to inhouse and external training opportunities
  • We pay above award for all roles both clinical and administrative/support
  • We offer a variety in daily duties to avoid monotony and boredom and to provide opportunity for ongoing skill development
  • We ensure our workplace culture is one of collaboration, support, professionalism and fun
  • We have a solid leadership structure to ensure the high quality and professionalism of our organisation
  • We know what our ideal employee’s look like and ensure we structure our recruitment processes to attract and engage like-minded professionals
  • We promote employee self-care to ensure our team does not suffer burnout and can achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • We offer flexible work practices to ensure our team can manage their out of work and family responsibilities
  • We ensure that there are opportunities for career progression in both administrative and clinical streams
  • We maintain a focus on ensuring that our workplace environments are comfortable and professional
  • We recognise our employees achievements and celebrate these as a team

And above all else, we respect and support our employees to achieve their professional and personal goals!

We are always on the lookout for our next Team Member. If you would like to join the amazing team at Spencer Health we encourage you to send your resume and cover letter to operationsmanager@spencerhealth.com.au