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Psychology and Health Services for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families.


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Individual Psychological Therapy

Providing treatment for a range of difficulties in children, young people and adults

Psychological Assessments

Assessment and identification of strengths and differences in development

Social Skills Groups - KidsLink

Providing social and emotional skills in a creative and supportive group environment

Training and Clinical Supervision

Services to assist training and experienced mental health clinicians

Paediatrician Consultations

Providing you with paediatrician services for general paediatrics, Autism and ADHD

Speech Pathology

Comprehensive assessment for all facets of speech and language

School Holiday Programs 

Help your child explore their strengths, identity and coping skills whilst practising their social skills

Coaching for Autistic Adults and ADHDers

A practical approach to supporting neurodivergent individuals, through a collaborative process

Psychology and Health Services

Welcome to Spencer Health! We offer a range of therapies and evidence-based treatments for children, adolescents adults and families through our health brands Child Development Solutions Australia, Sydney Psychology Centre and KidsLink. We are proud to be a multi-disciplinary health provider and hope that we can provide you and your family the wrap around support needed in a caring and compassionate environment.

Our centres are located in NSW: Hornsby, Avalon Beach, Mosman and Gladesville and in Victoria: Albert Park

Among our many services, we provide assessments that assist children adolescents  and adults with cognitive challenges, learning difficulties and neurodevelopmental brain style related differences.  We have a special interest in providing ADHD and Autism assessment in both children and adults as well as clinicians who work specifically with neurodivergent girls and women. Our assessments can be delivered face to face or via a secure telehealth platform so that they are easily accessible to our clients.

Our Wonderful Team is Here to Support You


We aim to provide an uncompromising quality of service to children, adolescents, adults and families so that they may achieve their full capacity in life.


To create healthful, connected and emotionally resilient communities.

Values Statement

Hospitality - We act warmly and inclusively toward each other and our clients. At Spencer Health all are welcome and there is always “room at the table” for you.

Respect – Within our team we value our peers and colleagues, offering dignity and professionalism in every interaction. We offer high regard to all who walk through our doors and celebrate the differences within each other.

Empowerment – We acknowledge our colleague’s achievements and seek to support them in the betterment of their practice. We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their health goals, ensuring they have a voice in and are championed towards these.

Compassion – Within our team and client communities we see the human-ness within each other, suspending judgement and seeking to provide care, support and soothing when needed.

Community – As a team we seek connection with each other and foster a sense of belonging, thriving in the knowledge that we are part of something greater than just ourselves .  We strive to connect with our local communities through various initiatives and modalities providing  education, support and a space where we can come together and make positive changes in their collective lives.


​We pride ourselves on a team that not only embodies our values but are also the very best at what they do. Each team member brings a unique perspective and experience to the table ensuring the very best support for your family.

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Written by Provisional Psychologist Natasha Binns The link between social skills and loneliness – helping neurodiverse teens make friends The interconnection of loneliness and social skills is complex. Social skills refer to the abilities and behaviours that enable individuals to interact effectively and appropriately with others. Loneliness, on the other hand, is the subjective feeling ... Read more
LEGO THERAPY – It’s not just about FUN!
Written by Provisional Psychologist Natasha Binns Lego therapy is a social development program created by clinical neuropsychologist Daniel LeGoff after observing two of his clients playing with Lego in his waiting room. Both children with autism spectrum disorder had difficulties engaging in social play and had never previously interacted, however their shared interest in Lego ... Read more
Learning to be a friend: Helping pre-teens and teenagers with ADHD and autism achieve their social goals
There are a number of skills you need to learn in order to form and maintain friendships. Many of these skills are contextual as there are hidden social expectations unique to each situation, for example taking turns when playing a game; standing in line; visiting another person’s house or sending text messages. While most children ... Read more
Women and girls with ADHD – missed flags and lost opportunities
When undiagnosed and untreated, ADHD can impact every area of someone’s life. However, girls and women do not fit the stereotype of an overactive boy, so they often fall through the cracks when it comes to diagnosis and early intervention. Getting an accurate diagnosis can often be life changing. They may discover that difficulties that ... Read more