Speech Pathology Services


There are a broad spectrum of issues that our Speech Pathologist can help your child overcome. These cover the broad range of communication and learning skills such as:

  • Articulation issues (clarity of speech);
  • Stuttering;
  • Difficulties learning to read;
  • Comprehension and following instructions;
  • Problems constructing meaningful sentences;
  • Practical use of language (e.g. in social settings);
  • Voice problems (e.g. too loud, intonation and pitch);
  • Social skills related to developmental delay, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


We provide comprehensive assessment for all facets of speech and language. From articulation, comprehension, social use of language, speech production and learning concerns such as dyslexia, our Speech Pathologist can identify and support your child’s needs.

If you have concerns with regards to your child’s communication or learning please contact us for an initial consultation. Our Speech Pathologist can help with all of the above and has many years working with children and families to achieve their communication goals.