Expectations of Client Behaviour


To establish the organisations expectations of our client’s behaviour when engaging with staff and team members either over the telephone, email or face to face.


This procedure relates to all team members (administration, clinical, staff and contractors) in relation to direct contact with clients or the public via any medium.

Policy Statement

It is Spencer Health’s policy that we provide a safe and comfortable place to work that is characterised by respectful interactions. This policy will be published on the Spencer Health website to ensure all current and potential clients are aware of their responsibilities when interacting with team members and consequences for unreasonable behaviour.


  1. Team members of Spencer Health aim to treat all clients and members of the public they engage with in the professional setting with courtesy and respect. We also expect that clients to adhere to similar standards when dealing with Spencer Health.
  2. Abusive and/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. This behaviour may include:
    1. Rude or otherwise vulgar expressions, noises or gestures.
    2. Verbal abuse of a personal nature.
    3. Threatening or offensive behaviour either verbally or physically.
    4. Threats of physical violence against a person or property.
  3. Where a team member feels that they are being treated in a disrespectful manner they are to:
    1. Let the individual know that this is their experience and that the behaviour needs to cease.
    2. Let the individual know that if the behaviour continues then the interaction may be terminated.
    3. It is then the right of the team member to end the interaction if the unreasonable behaviour continues.
  4. Following the interaction the team member is to notify their manager via email and or phone of the situation as soon as practical.
  5. The manager will then work with the team member to address the situation, deem whether follow up action is required and discuss the way forward.
  6. Where this behaviour relates to a current client of the organization, a file note on the relevant Halaxy file should be recorded. The team member is responsible for providing the details of the interaction and the manager to provide details of the follow up actions and outcomes.