Kylie Woods

Art Therapist


Kylie Woods

Art Therapist (Hornsby)

Kylie has extensive experience and qualifications in holistic health. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Diploma of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, which she completed at The College of Complimentary Medicine. She also has Suicide Intervention training, strategies for managing abuse related trauma and mental health first aid.

Kylie will be joining our team as an experienced Art Therapist both providing individual therapy and as a KidsLink Facilitator. Her passion lies in supporting children with holistic health principles to achieve emotional stability and healthy self-expression. She uses art therapy as a creative process and a variety of methods utilizing; colours, lines, shapes, symbols, textures, and movement to support physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing including daily living and functional activities.   With her guidance the children she works with find, build, and expand on their inner strengths and resources to create a healthier state of mind and increased self-esteem. She holds a safe space to express whatever is on your mind through encouraging you to share your unique self-expression. She leads with curiosity, empathy and compassion in her work and life. She brings a calming and nurturing energy to the spaces she holds.

She believes in the depth and power that Art Therapy techniques may hold for individuals and their personal healing journeys. She has been a supportive beacon of light to others throughout her life and for the past seven years as a qualified Art Therapist.

In her free time, Kylie thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, especially spending time at the beach. She loves candle making with her daughters, hiking, gardening, meditation, and mindfulness.