Dr Sunita Gurnasinghani



Dr Sunita Gurnasinghani

Consultant Paediatrician (Gladesville and Hornsby)

Dr Sunita graduated in medicine from the University of Mumbai, India in 2000. Dr Sunita subsequently trained as a General Paediatrician in India and Australia. She has been recognised as Fellow of Royal Australian college of child health and paediatrics. She has worked in NSW hospitals in paediatrics for last 11 years.  She has extensive general
paediatrics experience and subspecialty experience in NICU, developmental and community paediatrics, clinical genetics, etc. Dr Sunita has vast experience with Neuro-diverse presentations such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Currently, she is also working as consultant paediatrician at Hornsby Hospital. Teaching and research-based activities hold special interest for her.

She has publication in American Journal Of Clinical Genetics to her name.

Dr Sunita’s goal is to provide holistic quality of life to children with various needs and to provide support to their families. She is also passionate about taking a systemic and
multidisciplinary approach to the care and health goals of her clients. She is a kind, compassionate and caring paediatrician who focusses on providing wholisitc care to her clients and their families.

Dr Sunita has a special interest in working with developmental and behavioural disorders as well as mental health disorders in children and adolescents. She also has a passion for working with newborns and infants, providing thorough and compassionate care to all her clients.