Dr Clayton Spencer



Dr Clayton Spencer

Managing Director

Dr Spencer is an experienced senior medical Doctor and has worked in many complex leadership roles over the past twenty years. He has held roles at many levels of public and private organisations including a national role with a large multinational emergency medical retrieval company. From a clinical viewpoint he has worked in all aspects of mental health service delivery across Australia and in Europe. Mostly working in rural and remote medicine, he has a particular interest in health care provision in challenging environments especially when utilising telemedicine. Most recently Dr Spencer has been working closely with traditional Aboriginal Healers from Central Australia, the Ngangkari of the Anungu people, as well as traditional healers from around the world with a view to bringing traditional healing methods into the modern sphere.

Dr Spencer cofounded Spencer Health and is focussed on professional leadership and business development, especially with a view to introducing more telemedicine and outreach to disadvantaged communities across the Australia and the world.

Dr Spencer is passionate about plant medicines and in particular their effectiveness in improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing mental illness and related issues. He is an Authorized Prescriber for medicinal cannabis and is training to be a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist.