Skye Rogers

Art Therapist


Skye Rogers

Art Therapist (Mosman and Gladesville)

Skye Rogers (AThR) provides inclusive art services to those who wish to explore creativity in a supportive environment with an arts practitioner/arts therapist. Whether this be via tailored one-on-one art-based sessions or implemented through small groups, it is Skye’s aim to inspire immersive engagement in the arts for well-being, creative expression & optimum mental health.

There is much evidence that a variety of demographics can benefit from specific engagement with the arts. The art therapy process is an explorative process where the journey and what is observed there is examined, honoured and reflected upon in a supportive relationship. This is a person-centred process where the client needs no special skills nor previous art experience. Art Therapy is conducted in a safe space where no judgement is passed on artistic abilities or on what is produced. The client leads the way and is in control. Skye is passionate about supporting her clients to feel empowered in understanding themselves and their world better.

Skye has many decades of experience in the arts; first as a commercial illustrator and then as a maker, writer (5 non-fiction books), and pop-up shopkeeper providing a space for local makers. Skye developed her skills and ideas further by studying a Masters in Art Therapy (completed in 2021). Skye has joined our dedicated KidsLink team and provides social skills and emotional regulation skills support both in group and individual settings. She works across our Gladesville and Mosman sites to help children and adolescents understand their feelings and social worlds better.