The Effects of Hormones on Women with ADHD

By: Clinical Psychologist, Emma Spencer FAPS For women and girls who also have ADHD, the interplay between hormonal fluctuations and ADHD symptoms can create a unique set of challenges. To effectively manage the effects of ADHD it is important that everyone understands the relationship between female sex hormones and ADHD. This blog explores the effects … Read more

Explosive reactions – 5 strategies to de-escalate meltdowns

Written by Sushmita Kanthan, Registered Psychologist  Emotions are a fundamental part of being a human. It is widely and universally believed that there are 6 basic primary emotions that we can experience as humans; happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust and surprise. However, it is important to note that emotions are a lot more complex than … Read more

Neurodiversity, ADHD and Creativity

Written by Shannon Grassby, Clinical Psychologist What is creativity, but impulsivity gone right? Ned Hallowell The traditional medical model generally states that having a brain that works, or is wired a little differently only comes with negatives and draw backs. However, the neurodiversity movement has allowed us to have a greater understanding of not just … Read more

The link between social skills and loneliness

Written by Provisional Psychologist Natasha Binns The link between social skills and loneliness – helping neurodiverse teens make friends The interconnection of loneliness and social skills is complex. Social skills refer to the abilities and behaviours that enable individuals to interact effectively and appropriately with others. Loneliness, on the other hand, is the subjective feeling … Read more

Learning to be a friend: Helping pre-teens and teenagers with ADHD and autism achieve their social goals

There are a number of skills you need to learn in order to form and maintain friendships. Many of these skills are contextual as there are hidden social expectations unique to each situation, for example taking turns when playing a game; standing in line; visiting another person’s house or sending text messages. While most children … Read more

Women and girls with ADHD – missed flags and lost opportunities

When undiagnosed and untreated, ADHD can impact every area of someone’s life. However, girls and women do not fit the stereotype of an overactive boy, so they often fall through the cracks when it comes to diagnosis and early intervention. Getting an accurate diagnosis can often be life changing. They may discover that difficulties that … Read more

5 Tips for businesses wanting to be more sensory-friendly during the Christmas period

Christmas is a time for celebration and excitement and with this comes lots of bright lights, colourful decorations and loud noises. However, there is a growing trend amongst retailers to introduce a “quiet hour” that minimises sources of sensory overload for neurodivergent shoppers. Neurodivergent refers to a divergence from what is considered typical in mental … Read more