What is gender dysphoria?

What is gender dysphoria? | Spencer Health

A global study found that approximately 0.1-4% of individuals experience gender dysphoria. The reason some trans individuals choose to change their name, style and body is often due to the experience of gender dysphoria. Not all gender diverse individuals will experience gender dysphoria, however it can be a very distressing experience for those who do. … Read more

Setting Boundaries for Life

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Any parent knows that children can test us, and when we say test us – we mean push you to your absolute limits! If only life provided you with a user manual when a child comes along into your life! Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with that option, so most of us will muddle our way … Read more

Supporting Kids in Developing Emotion Stories


One of the most common areas of skill development that Child Psychologists work in is supporting children and young people in developing emotion regulation skills.  Emotion regulation skills are those skills that we use to manage our feelings and ensure that we make helpful action choices in times of emotional distress.   Research has, time and again, … Read more

Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Kids

Australian statistics show that Tourette Syndrome (TS) can affect 1 in 100 kids, so we’re taking the time to go through the condition, it’s effects and how you can manage this as a family. What is Tourette Syndrome (TS)? Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological condition which results in uncontrollable repetitive movements or unwanted sounds – we … Read more

Gaming and the Impact on Our Kids

gaming and kids

In this blog I want to focus on a personal and professional concern that has been with me for a few weeks now, the effects of gaming on our children and their emotional development. I work with clients throughout the day who are noticing the same effects that even I am finding in my son, … Read more

COVID Tests and Kids: Managing the anxiety


Recently, my household hasn’t been very well. It’s been tissues, coughs and all the fun stuff in between. Some of you may not know but if your kid is sick at school, it’s mandatory for them to be COVID tested before they can return to school. As we all know, kids and the general sniffles … Read more

What does anxiety look like in children and how can we support as parents


According to health reports, anxiety disorders were the second most common disorders among all children (6.9%), and the most common among girls (6.1%). When we discuss anxiety – what are we talking about? Anxiety disorders refers to a group of conditions rather than a single disorder.  It is common for children to sometimes be fearful … Read more

Using Rituals of Connection to Build a Stronger Family


A famous author Bill Doherty discussed the idea of “rituals of connection” in his book The Intentional Family, and through this blog I want to explore the importance of these connections for a strong, happy family unit. Just what is a ‘ritual of connection’?  Well, when we explain a ritual, we refer to an action or … Read more