Understanding Your ADHD Brain

The following is a recording of a seminar presented via Zoom.

About this event

  • Are you an Adult ADHDer who would like to better understand yourself?
  • Are you an adult who suspects they may be ADHD and want to know more about it?
  • Are you the parent of an ADHD child seeking to understand them better and help them thrive?

Join Clinical Psychologist, Emma Spencer, for an informative seminar designed to educate and empower those of you wishing to understand ADHD at a deeper level. As a neuro-affirming practitioner, Emma will discuss ADHD and its brain related differences from a strengths perspective.

The hour and a half seminar will cover topics including:

  • How is ADHD experienced by ADHDer's
  • The brain related differences associated with ADHD and how these differences can create challenges in every day life
  • Develop an awareness of how mental health vulnerabilities can develop in ADHDer's
  • Understand how to adjust your response to your ADHD or your response to your ADHD child's behaviours from one of shaming to championing
  • Learn some skills and strategies that can be utilised to help your ADHD brain perform to it's potential