Understanding Anxiety

The following is a recording of a seminar presented via Zoom, from the series:

Support for Teachers Series - Anxiety, ASD, ADHD and SLD

About this event

  • Are you a teacher wanting to know how to support your students in an effective way?
  • Do you have students in your class with brain related differences that you would like to better understand?
  • Have you an interest in furthering your knowledge in anxiety and neurodiversity?

Join clinical psychologist, Emma Spencer, over 4 weeks as she unpacks four of the most common student differences teachers experience. In her work with schools, Emma is consistently requested to provide information about these 4 topics and how teachers can best meet the needs of their students.

Each session is designed to provide information relating to:

  • Background of the topic from a health perspective
  • How teachers can identify students with differences
  • Understanding what can be challenging for the student and why
  • What teachers can do to assist the student and family through connections with health providers
  • Discussion related to health provider exploration of mental health and brain related differences, the tools they use and how you can contribute effectively
  • Specific skills and strategies to be used in the classroom to make it a positive place for your student to learn and make peer connections
  • Time for questions and answers

Sessions are:

  • Understanding anxiety in children and adolescents
  • Focus on Autism in the classroom
  • All about ADHD, what it means and how to support your students
  • Identifying Students with Specific Learning Disorders and meeting their needs

Whether you are interested in one topic or all 4, by attending you will receive all the skills and knowledge you need to engage with your students whatever their learning, emotional and social needs might be. Emma's desire is to empower you to create a positive learning environment for all of your students.

There will be a focus on primary and secondary education environments and will be presented from a neuro-affirming and strength based approach.

If you cannot attend live, each seminar will be recorded and a copy of the recording provided to you. You should thus book a place as if you are going to attend so that you can receive the recording following the event.

About the Presenter:

Emma is a Clinical Psychologist and the CEO of Spencer Health - a health organisation focussed on supporting children, adolescents, adults and families with mental health and neurodiversity. Emma has 20 years experience in the field of psychology and is passionate about empowering parents, colleagues and school teachers to understand and support children and adolescents in their care.

If you would like to know more about Emma and her organisation, please head to www.spencerhealth.com.au