Introducing Vitaminds!

From 20/4/2020 at 12.30pm (Sydney Time) each day, you can get your daily dose of VitaMinds here on the Child Development Solutions Australia Facebook page LIVE with the team from Spencer Health.


Each session runs for 10-15 minutes and will focus on teaching a particular psychological skill or strategy for kids age 3-13.


We hope that by offering this online support we will be able to make a difference to children and families in our global community!




Mindful Mondays

A 10-15 minute mindfulness exercise and discuss the benefits of mindfulness.


Skillful Tuesdays 

10-15 minutes working on a particular mental health skill. It could be belly breathing, understanding fight/flight, identifying feelings, identifying unhelpful thinking and more!


Story Time 

We choose one of our children’s books on feelings, friends, and life lessons to feature.


Crafting Thursdays 

A focus on self soothing activities such as making a glitter jar or a stress ball or whatever it might be! We will be talking through the resources – showing how to make it, showing how to use it.


Family Friday

Family Friday focuses on a specific activity designed to create connection within your family.  She might focus on family values, what your family does for fun or family date nights! Whatever it is, your family is sure to benefit.

Check out Mindful Monday, Ep1