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123 Magic & Emotion Coaching
Parenting Skills – Individual and Group Programs Available


With recent research demonstrating it’s effectiveness, 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching is arguably one of the simplest and most successful parenting techniques worldwide. The program is suitable for parents and carers of children 2-12 years. The program has a focus on providing parents/carers the skills to assist their child to develop effective and efficient ways of responding to frustration and upsets.

So why choose 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching?


What sets this program apart is that the focus is not simply on behaviour management through setting limits, punishments and rewards (we call this Outside In learning). Rather, we take an Inside Out approach to discipline. The techniques we teach will help you as a parent/carer assist your child in developing the skills to respond appropriately to their difficult and uncomfortable emotions. The fancy term psychologists use to describe this skill set is Emotional Regulation Skills. Current research indicates that those children who have the ability to manage and regulate their own emotions, develop into more resilient, competent and happy adults. Now isn’t that what we all want for our children?


In a nutshell the benefits of the program include:

  • know what situations to respond to and what not to,
  • feel like you are in charge and in control of your responses,
  • develop consistency in your approach to parenting,
  • know how to respond without yelling, fighting, threatening or arguing,
  • assist your child in developing emotion regulation skills, which will benefit them throughout their life.


The program is practical, non-judgemental and supportive and delivered by a licensed trainer.