2022 Intake

Clinical and Educational & Developmental

Masters Graduates

Hosted through Spencer Health’s Institute of Psychology and Child Development, our program meets all requirements, over 2 years, to obtain endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist or Educational & Developmental Psychologist. It is open to Clinical Masters and Educational & Developmental Masters Graduates.


These will be met through:


  • Full time roles at one of our private practice locations in Northern Sydney (Hornsby, Mosman and Gladesville) will meet placement hours
  • 80 hours combined of individual and group supervision
  • Professional development and training through our Institute to meet program requirements

How to apply:


Applications should include:


  1. A cover letter expressing your interest in the role and why you are passionate about joining our team
  2. Your resume
  3. Response to the essential and desirable criteria
  4. A recording of you with a focus on why you are passionate about working with children and adolescents and why you believe you will be an asset to our organisation.


Applications including all 4 components above, are to be emailed to our CEO Emma Spencer at emma@spencerhealth.com.au. Applications that fail to address all 4 of these requirements will not be considered. These positions will be highly sought after, and as such a focus on providing a quality application will be in your best interest.


If you would like to know more about our Organisation please visit our website www.spencerhealth.com.au