What is Art Therapy?


Art therapy uses visual art-making, drama, dance and movement to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. We work with individuals or groups using arts processes such as painting to create meaning, rather than focussing on the end product.


Art therapy can be helpful for children who cannot verbalise their feelings due to developmental, cognitive or other conditions.

When should you see an Art Therapist?


There are many reasons why a person might benefit from seeing an art therapist.

These include:

  • to express feelings that may be difficult to verbalise
  • to explore their imagination and creativity
  • to develop healthy coping skills and focus
  • to improve self-esteem and confidence
  • to increase communication skills
  • to share in a safe nurturing environment
  • to improve motor skills and physical co-ordination
  • to identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth.

Dianne Wagstaff

Art Therapist and Group Facilitator


Dianne is an Art Therapist who is passionate about supporting families and their children in various capacities. She believes that children are the ‘window’ to our worlds future and need to be given every opportunity to realise their fullest potential and ‘shine’.


Dianne’s experience over the last twenty years has seen her dedicate her life to this field of expertise through her work as a Child and Family Health Nurse and through her involvement with Guiding NSW as a Guide Leader. In addition, Dianne’s most recent voluntary work as a facilitator for a women’s support group through Red Tent Australia, has helped her connect with and provide support to local women within the community.


Dianne is an  Art and Sandplay Therapist with a focus on creative expression and developing therapeutic art programs for families and their children. Through a non- judgmental, supportive and nurturing approach she works to  create a safe space for each child to enable them to develop their own social and emotional skills, develop their own sense of self and to realise and develop their own unique gifts and talents. Diane believes that by working together from the heart we can enable them to form meaningful connections with others and feel independent and confident within their own community.